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Tickless Pet – Ultrasonic Flea & Tick Repeller

Tickless Pet is a natural, chemical-free approach to fleas and ticks that lasts between 9 and 12 months. Simply attach the pendant to your pet’s collar, pull the battery tab and it’s ready to protect them without an toxins.

Tickless Pet emits a series of ultrasonic pulses that are harmless and imperceptible to both people and pets, but they disturb the natural patterns of both fleas and ticks, repelling them and keeping them away from your pet.

The Tickless Pet pendant is especially suitable for pets weakened by illness, puppies and kittens, for old pets and for expectant and nursing females. Operating range about 1.5 metres.


-Non-toxic, chemical free
-Battery lasts for 9-12 months
-Protects your pet within a radius of 1.5 meters
-No contraindications – safe for all pets
-Safe for both cats and dogs
-Silent ultrasonic impulses repel fleas and ticks
-Completely harmless to people and animals
-Attach the pendant to the collar (jump ring included)
-No sprays or oils making is safe around children
How to use: Remove the plastic tab to connect the lithium battery already present (not replaceable). Four flashes indicate that the device is on. After the tab is removed, the battery life is about 9-12 months. To see if TickLess Pet is still operating, press the button and check that the light still flashes. Fit TickLess Pet onto the collar with the side with slits towards the inside, in the direction of the animal’s body. Moisture does not damage the device, but the repeller is not waterproof – direct contact with water should be avoided or the device must be dried to avoid damages.

Available in 3 colours: Brown, Orange & Beige

One size for all pets

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Dimensions: 2.8 x 4cm
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