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  • Beef Paddywack Wrapped


    Beef Paddywacks deliver a protein rich chewing experience your best friend will love. Beef Paddywacks are 100 % digestible, they contain natural flavours your best friend will crave, and even help to clean teeth and gums as your pet chews.

    Beef Paddywacks are a safe and healthy single protein treats, portion cut into 30cm lengths.

    Great chew for all sized dogs.

    All Yummi Treats contain absolutely NO additives, chemicals or preservatives.

    Also available in 150g and 1kg.

    Ingredients : 100% Australian Beef

    Nutrition: PROTEIN 89%, FAT 5%, FIBRE 0%, SALT <1%.

  • Pork Bone Small Wrapped


    Pork Bones are like natures toothbrush for pets great for biting, chewing helps remove tartar from teeth for better dental health. A natural source of  protein and natural fats which are essential to keep your best friend strong and healthy.

    All Yummi Treats contain absolutely NO additives, chemicals or preservatives.

    Analysis : Protein 25%  Fat 30% Fibre 5% Salt 1.5%

    All Yummi Pet products are from ex human consumption meaning the best quality for your best friend.

  • Beef Liver 1kg


    Beef Liver is an excellent reward and training tool. This all natural treat has been the preferred choice for trainers for over 10 years due to its convenience and palatability.

    Our treats contain only one ingredient and are perfect for dogs with allergies or those who are on  limited ingredient diets.

    All Yummi treats contain absolutely NO additives, chemicals or preservatives.

    Ingredients: 100% Australian Farmed Beef

    Also available in 120g

    Analysis: Protein 60.7% – Fat 10% – Fibre 0.2% – Salt 0.4%

  • TPR Freeze Toy Ring 13cm


    Made with TPR*, this FUN SHAPE refreshing toy will entertain your dog for hours while  providing a FRESHNESS SENSATION through the frozen water that escapes through the small holes of the toy.
    EASY TO USE: fill the toy with water by immersion then place it in the freezer for a least 2 hours.

    *Thermoplastic Rubber

  • Chicken Mini Sticks 1kg


    Chicken sticks are an excellent reward and training tool cut into average 5cm lengths which are easy to break.

    Chicken Sticks are a healthy single protein treat.

    All Yummi treats contain absolutely NO additives, chemicals or preservatives.

    Ingredients : Australian Chicken, Starch, Salt.

    Analysis: Protein 37% – Fat 24% – Fibre 0.5% – Salt 1%

  • *RAC Car Harness – Medium *RACPB13*


    These RAC harnesses are strong, lightweight and feature a padded

    chest to make it comfortable to wear. Key features are:

    – Soft nylon pad for optimal comfort

    – Larger surface area helps to spread the mass of the dog in case of emergency/ sudden stops

    – Fully adjustable strap allows for comfortable seating and standing

    – Fits most car seat belt systems

    – Can double up as a reliable walking harness

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