Dogs are an essential part of our lives, and you won’t just feed them anything. Pet owners now believe that their pets deserve to have the best of everything, including food and treats.

This has given rise to increased awareness in dog owners to pay attention to ingredients and if they are organic or not. Most of all, they prefer to buy premium quality dog food and treats, as opposed to just grabbing any kibble off the supermarket shelf.

The Transition into a Health Conscious Territory

Although your dog might love snack time, many dog treats were not always made with healthy ingredients. Australian dog food industry has come a long way. Now dog food is preservative-free, and most companies have now eliminated empty calories, fillers, and harmful ingredients such as food dyes, corn/wheat gluten, propylene glycol, or BHT/BHA.

In the past, the Australian pet food industry had no reservation to adding sugars, fillers, grains, salt, and other harmful ingredients to help make their kibble much tastier and palatable. But now regulations and strict quality control checks into the composition of dog food have made it impossible for dog food manufacturers to hide harmful ingredients in attractive packaging.

Why Quality Matters

Australian dog food industry has come a long way. Not in just terms of its monetary worth but how it is produced and operated. We are driven by our passion for pets have gone a step further than the regulation to create high premium-quality dog food and treats that will not only keep your dog for coming back for seconds but also maintain their health and keep them active.

Nowadays, owners are much more conscious of what they are feeding their dogs, choosing organic ingredients over artificial flavours, and concerned with the quality of the dog food and treats.

Maintaining the overall health, keeping their coats shiny, their minds and body active and to keep them away from harmful chemicals is the priority of dog owners, which has given rise to pet-friendly, premium-quality dog food manufactures like our Yummi Pet food products that not only appeal to the owners but also their dogs because of their fantastic taste and healthy ingredients.


Treats and dog food made with all-natural ingredients, without preservatives, is the rising trend in the Australian pet food industry. The main emphasis is on the high-quality components that will enhance your dog’s energy levels, digestion, and address any allergies (if any). The new organic, nutritionally dense dog food and treats have made it easier for the owners to give their dogs a healthy diet without having to read complicated labels and lengthy ingredient list.