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  • F/Codex Paw Pad Protector 90ml

  • Finishing Scissors Safety Tip


    Zolux Safety Tip scissors is an accessory designed to trim an animal with any type of Fur, as well as to handle the most difficult places, such as paws, ears, around the eyes. Due to the rounded ends it is safe for the animal to cut the wool.

  • Flea Comb


    Zolux Flea Comb is for easily removing parasites and their eggs from dog  fur. It is made of plastic and its suitable for all hair types. The ergonomic tool holder makes it comfortable in the hand, does not fall out and does not slip. A flea dog’s comb is a practical tool that will easily blast your pet’s fur and perform routine control of the skin condition of a pet.

  • Francodex 2 in 1 Detangling Shampoo 250ml


    The Francodex 2 in 1 Detangling Shampoo is the ideal detangling shampoo and conditioner which gives your pets’ coat volume. It has a gentle and effective formula that cleans, strengthens and facilitates brushing your pet’s hair. When used regularly, this 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner can keep your dog’s hair healthy and tangle-free.

  • Francodex Anti-Chewing Spray For Dogs 200ml


    Francodex Anti-Chew is formulated with Eucalyptus essential oils. It Prevents Dogs and Puppies from chewing up and damaging shoes, clothes and furniture. Just Spray on items that you don’t want your dog to destroy.

  • Francodex Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo 250ml


    The Francodex Anti Hair Loss Shampoo is a mild, concentrated shampoo that combats hair loss in dogs. It is specially formulated with essential fatty acids, protein and plant extracts that help nourish and moisturize the scalp, leaving your dog’s hair soft and glossy. This shampoo supports hair follicle nutrition, brings out natural pigmentation, and metabolism to promote hair regrowth. It is the ideal solution to canine hair loss problems.

  • Francodex Anti-Itch Shampoo 250ml


    The Francodex Anti Itch Shampoo is dermatologically-tested to be effective for dogs suffering from itch with its Liquorice and Brown Algae formula. It offers relief and lasting comfort for minor ailments such as oily skin and hair, unpleasant odour, itching, etc. Plus, it contains Chitosan which helps strengthen the skin barrier.

  • Francodex Anti-Odour Shampoo 250ml


    The Francodex Anti-Odour Shampoo 250ml is specially formulated to help neutralize odours with a lasting effect in dogs. It is a dermatologically-tested to soothe and relieve itchy skin due to allergies or sensitivity. It effectively washes away allergens that trigger itching and leaves your dog fresh all day. It offers pet relief and lasting comfort.

  • Francodex Black Coat Shampoo 250ml


    The Francodex Black Coat Shampoo 250ml helps bring out natural pigmentation and gives your dog’s coat a deep, healthy gloss. It is specially formulated to stimulate the natural oils in order to provide your dogs with a healthy and glossy coat. With this shampoo, you can help your dog maintain a balanced pH level and cleans pet coats without causing any harm or flaring up with allergies.

  • Francodex Chewable Toothpaste for Dogs – 20 Tabs


    The Francodex Chewable Toothpaste helps to Prevent plaque and tartar on your dogs teeth.
    Some dog breeds *, especially small dogs, have a natural predisposition to make dental plaque and tartar that settle on tooth enamel and creep between teeth and gums. This phenomenon, termed “periodontal disease”, entails:

    • a bad breath: the odours related to tartar and infection are pleasant neither for the dog nor for his entourage!
    • loosening of teeth and infections: dental problems are always accompanied by pain, even if the dog does not express them.
  • Francodex Ear Cleansing Lotion Puppy/Kitten 60ml


    A liquid for cleaning the ears for kittens and puppies. It limits the development of microorganisms. Removes excess wax and dries ears. The ears of puppies and kittens are particularly delicate because their ear canal is deep and is L-shaped, which does not allow natural flow of contaminants. The result is frequent scratching, unpleasant odour in the ear and frequent tilting of the head.

  • Francodex Eye Cleansing Lotion Dog/Cat 125ml


    Eye wash for dogs and cats. It maintains excellent eye hygiene by mild washing. Removes dust that irritates eyes and can even cause conjunctivitis. It soothes irritations. It helps in cleaning the tubules by maintaining the same pH as the dog’s or cat’s tears. Regular use of the preparation ensures the preservation of clean eyes and eyelids.