The Yummi Pet brand began in 2002 out of love for animals and a desire to give pet owners quality food, treats, toys and other accessories. This mission is captured in our slogan ‘Getting your pet’s lick of approval’. The brand is based in Pendle Hill Sydney, NSW and partners with other pet brands to provide pet owners with the best pet products through our wholesalers.

Our unofficial brand ambassador is Courtney, my beautiful 11yo Golden Labrador named after V8 supercar driver James Courtney. We also have a sweet 12yo Bichon Frise called Lowndsey, named after Craig Lowndes.

Proudly Australian Made & Owned

Yummi Pet is an Australian owned and made brand, using only the finest locally sourced ingredients from high-quality Australian farms including our own farms based in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Due to our firm’s dedication to provide preservative-free natural food for pets, we have proudly received the seal of approval from NSW Food Service and membership in the esteemed Pet Industry Association of Australia.
By serving sustainably sourced 100% Australian pet food for your furry friends, we combine maximum nutritious value with affordable rates and unparalleled reliability that come from within Australia. Our biggest strength lies in being Australian owned, made and sourced which allow us to build a brand that is true to our roots.

Yummi Pet Partners

Since our inception, we have looked forward to creating the ideal range of food, Treats, accessories, and toys – everything your pet would need to live a happy and healthy life. Our amazing partners including Zolux and Pet Brands have allowed us to diversify our product range and help us grow from a small business to having customers all over the world.

Zolux is a France-based brand and market leader in all kinds of pet products. Our exclusive partnership with Zolux allows us to bring you their reliable and durable pet accessories to the Yummi Pet store.


We have a very large product range containing over 1000 product lines serving the various needs of pet owners. For the Australian and export markets, we produce over 5 million pig ears, Additionally, 250,000+ small pork bones, over 20 tonnes of Beef liver and much more are also manufactured each year.
Along with our range of premium pet food and treats, we partner up with world-renowned suppliers to provide highly attractive and unique accessories and toys that guarantee comfort, safety and a whole lot of fun.

The Yummi Pet brand was created with a passion to serve families and their furry friends who need the best of everything. We strive to meet this mission with high quality, Australian sourced pet food and a diverse range of accessories and toys that can Get your pet’s lick of approval!