Pets love to play around. They require regular mental and physical stimulation, and toys are an integral part of working their minds and body. Sometimes it’s just everyday comfort they want from a soft toy.

So, which are the best toys for your pet? You might think that there is a straightforward answer to that. A rope, a frisbee, or a stuffed toy, perhaps.

The exponential growth in the pet industry has been monumental and now have exceeded billions of dollars. Pet toys have now transitioned from being plain simple and serviceable to downright diverse and technologically advanced to suit the fast life pace of the pet and their owners.

Here are the four most common types of pet toys that can help you fulfil the needs and desires of your pets effectively.

Toys for Comforting

Pets often bond with stuffed or plush toys that they can carry around and sleep with. They offer a sense of peace and companionship to a pet and helps them bond with someone other than their humans. Hector the Beaver is an excellent choice for your fur baby.

Stimulating Toys

To insert a healthy dose of fun and excitement into your pet’s routine, introduce exciting toys in their lives. They can chase away any boredom blues and keep your pup’s mind and body active and energised. Some toys have built-in tech features that allow you to track your pup’s health, fitness statistics, and sleep duration and quality. Interball by Pet Brands is an excellent stimulating toy that will withstand rough use.

Enrichment and Treat Hiding Toys

Many toys now also have features where treats can be hidden within them providing dogs with necessary stimulation. These boredom buster toys also occupy and distract your dog for times when pet owners are busy. A perfect example of toys like these are the iQuties range which are the perfect brain training games for pets and they are made from durable wood materials.

Self-Amusement Toys

They are the most durable and hardy of all types. They are made with more sustainable materials and help your pet stay amused when they are home alone, or when you are busy in some other work and don’t want your pet to feel left out or alone. Check out Cat Tree Trio by Zolux, which can occupy your pet’s attention for quite some time.

These types of toys will keep your pet occupied and stimulated for days to come. They will also prove to be especially helpful for owners who are away most hours of the day at work. Not only that, but they will help with the mental, cognitive, and physical development of your pet.