Dear loyal customers,

As a leading Australian pet food manufacturer, we understand the significance and value customers derive from Australian-made pet food and treats. In this time of consumer uncertainty, now is the time for retailers to be placing extra focus into pushing Australian-made pet food products to capitalise on consumer demand for locally-produced products and drive sales.

Market research has concluded that dog treats account for over 10% of sales for mass customers in Australia. Is your store in alignment with this figure? If not, then now is an opportunity to reach out to our team for more information and guidance.

Dog treats should also be capturing leading gross profit margins in your store and be placed in the key, high traffic locations inside your store. Can you give us insight on if you have any other products that turn over at the same level that treats do and also have an average gain of 60%+ gross profit margins?

In this rapidly changing economy, now is the time to work smarter not just harder so that you can achieve the best results possible.

We are committed and here to help you at any time and we continue to remain open and trading as per normal hours.


Kind Regards,

Nathan Grainger and the Yummi Pet team.