The pet product industry is flourishing around the globe and Yummi Pet Products is among the leading supplier of Australian pet food brands since 2002. Since then, Yummi Pet has partnered with highly regarded suppliers, sourcing many bulk pet treats, pet food and accessories in various parts of the world.

Our partners are an integral part of our business because, with the combination of our product range with their offerings, we have created win-win relationships in the long term and helped to improve the pet industry in Australia.

We’ll briefly discuss a few of our chief partners and their business in this piece.


Zolux Group is a French family-owned business creating, manufacturing and distributing accessories and consumables for various types of pets including cats, dogs, birds, small animals, poultry and fish. They are considered to be the dynamic key stakeholder in the pet store market. Zolux Group has three brands including Zolux, Laboratoire Francodex, and Saint Bernard. Being one of the eminent suppliers, Zolux was also honoured with the Supplier of the Year Golden Trophy at French Animal Challenge Trophies Ceremony.


Francodex is a brand of Zolux Group from France serving since 1985. It offers specialised network such as garden centres, pet shops, LISA, GSB products which are dedicated to the well-being and health of the pet through their products for pet hygiene and care.

Khara Protect

Khara Protect is a pet accessories brand offering a wide range of scents and shampoos helping pets with different needs and allergies. Their products gently cleanse pets without affecting their sensitive skin and improves the health of their coat. The shampoos and scents are hypoallergenic and contain no alcohol making it a safe and sensible choice for pet owners.

Pet Brands

Pet Brands sell high-quality and innovative pet accessories and treats globally for nearly all pets in the UK. Their quality meets customers’ expectations and empowers pet owners to build a stronger relationship with their pets through care, training and playing.

Tucker Time

Tucker Time is one of Australia’s leading health food companies for dogs. Their mission is to provide delicious, healthy, natural and fresh food for healthy dogs. Ensuring to add natural ingredients and vitamins in the dogs’ food, Tucker Time has gained success and approval from veterinarians for the past 25 years.

Yummi Pet’s partnership with leading suppliers of high-quality pet products has enabled the brand to maintain and develop flourishing relationships with customers and pet owners.