Food in the pet industry is subject to far less stringent practices than the food industry for humans and as a result of this, many pet food products are produced to a low standard. It has always been our mission to improve the quality of food consumed by pets and we are constantly seeking ways to enhance our pet’s lives with better food.

What Preservative-free Means

Preservatives are substances or chemicals added to food to delay bacterial growth and extend its life. Preservatives, however, do have some harmful side effects on humans and dogs as well which is why we are striving for change. Preservative-free means food that is produced without any substances added to preserve it making the food all-natural.

Our Commitment

As previously mentioned, we are continually looking for ways to improve our practices and products so we have been conducting in-house tests of various lines across the pet industry and were amazed at the length of the shelf life of products with minimal preservatives that would generally last 3 months but lasted over 18 months in reality. So in response to this, as of March 2020, we will be manufacturing our range of Natures Instinct Minces as a Preservative Free product. This lines up with the rest of our Yummi Pet and Natures Instinct products which are already preservative-free.”

Benefits of Preservative-free

The popularity of preservative-free human food is on the rise as we acquire knowledge of the harmful effects of preservatives and we believe our fur babies deserve the same treatment. With our switch to preservative-free, pets will be able to enjoy the benefits of all-natural treats and food without any harmful ingredients included.

With all of this in mind, there is no reason why our furry friends shouldn’t also enjoy the benefits of preservative-free food which is why we are making this necessary switch for all of our ranges.