As a wholesaler, retailer or an agent of pet product, finding and maintaining reliable partners is critical to have efficient and successful operations. Since its inception, Yummi Pet has offered products to retailers, wholesalers, and agents globally. With the help of our extensive product range, our customers have taken their business ventures to the next level. Our robust relationship with our customers benefits both parties delivering our high-quality products to pet owners.

If you are looking for the best pet products that will satisfy your customers, Yummi Pet is the go-to option. Still not convinced? Let’s take a sneak peek over a few other factors to broaden your horizon.

Proudly Australian Owned and Operated

Since 2002, Yummi Pet Products is an Australian owned and operated firm which is known for supplying bulk pet food and treats. Serving super-premium food and treats with the finest locally sourced ingredients from Australian farms in the Southern Highlands of NSW, our products are ready-packed, either a natural product or dehydrated, bagged or shrink-wrapped. After packaging, our products are safely stored in commercial refrigeration units for delivery to retailers, wholesalers and agents.

With our commitment and dedication, we have been honoured with the seal of approval from the NSW Food Service to provide preservative-free natural food for pets. We also have membership in the respected Pet Industry Association of Australia. Our biggest strength lies in being from Australia – owned, made and sourced enabling us to stick to our roots.

Top Level Facilities

To be among the leaders, we have worked hard over these years in delivering high-quality products with our top-level facilities. We have refined and added maximum facilities to our infrastructure to better meet and exceed our customer’s needs and expectations. We have a huge warehouse to store our pet treats. Our 12,000 square metre warehouse located in Pendle Hill has the capacity for over 1000 pallets which holds a mixture of dry, frozen and refrigerated pet products. It can carry 480 frozen pallet products and 60 pallets for refrigerated products.

Award-Winning Products

The brands we partner with are award-winning. We have partnered with some of the leading brands including Zolux, Pet Brands, Khara Protect, Francodex, and Tucker Time. Products associated with these brands are internationally recognised and are recommended by experts and veterinarians. The vets prove the quality of our pet products so that you can confidently make the decision of partnering with us and selling high-quality pet food, treats and accessories.

Amazing Prices with 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

Who offers great prices with a 100% guaranteed satisfaction? We do! Yummi Pet Products put trust in the makers and the quality of our products. We promise 100% satisfaction guarantee. Satisfying you is of paramount importance to us. We ensure that our partners and pets are satisfied with both the quality and price of the products we offer. This is why we have captured our mission in our tagline “Getting your pet’s lick of approval”.

Partner with Yummi Pet today and apply for a wholesale account on our website to find out how we can help take your business to the next level and satisfy your customers.